About us


Sissy Koukeri has studied Contemporary Design and History of Art, fields which formed a solid artistic background and offered her an unyielding grounding on which to unroll her talent and unfold her creativity.

She belongs to a new generation of creators who reinvented jewellery as a genuine artistic conception, far beyond its manufacturing dimension.


Her approach towards jewellery design, stems from her conviction that aesthetics should be part of the public domain, meaning that art should be intrinsic in people’s everyday life. This perception of both, the importance and purpose of jewel as an artistic creation, takes into consideration a wide assortment of elements and not just the mere appearance of the final artifact. A whole range of other concerns, such as the essence of things and the beauty surrounding us, all influence the development of every single craftwork.

Through her work, she aims to achieve and present an intimate form of communication and create a stylistic connection with her audience. Her creations reflect both elegance and sensitivity through abstraction. Easy to wear, discreet, while they are not intended to outdo the person who wears them. They are crafted for him.

Her collections are primarily made of silver and gold combined with semi-precious stones and pearls.